"AXL is an integrated entertainment platform service that complements existing problems of the entertainment market and provides all services consumers, producers and creators of culture contents market want. ”


-Evolves entertainment market based on clear data uncover
-Service cost reduction by integrating payment system
-Solutions of existing crowdfunding  
-Conveniently purchase contents with simplified procedure
-Provides fast transaction speed
-Comprehensive entertainment ticketing and savesupport facility cos

" User friendly optimal UI/UX "

Dream Cloud x AXL

All contents and services within the Dream Cloud are freely available by using Master Pay converting AXL into Master Pay in the Master Wallet. This enables AXL to continue to grow in value. In addition, based on the performance planning ability of the self-contained and agreed-upon agencies, performances and concerts will be virtually ticketed using the AXL.

Master Application

"Integrated platform services created by X-WIDGET to complement existing blockchain markets and industry challenges with the DreamCloud platform, providing all services that platform participants want at once via cryptographic money and Pay."

Master Node
-Platform for earning reward with PoS, DPoS

Master Pay
 –Transformingusing encryption money into approximately 42 pages in 12 countries in partnership with TNG, a global PG company

Master Bank
 –Short-term loan support for cryptocurrency holders

Master Card
-Services that use cryptocurrency and master pay like real cards-Interworking with bank common network(SWIFT)

-This service allows you to book movies, purchase Gifticon, and ticketing performances through cryptocurrency and Master Pay. 

 –Cryptocurrency Airdrop Service